How to Transform Your MSP Sales Engine

Webinar Recording


Most MSPs will hit a sales ceiling they can’t surmount. We find this usually happens when their business hits the $2-4M revenue range. However, there is an elite group of MSPs who escape this destiny and build a formidable sales engine and grow their revenue at 25-33% each year.

During this webinar with Taylor Business Group, we share how you can transform your MSP Sales Engine by:

  • Understanding Why Transformation Success Begins and Ends With The Owner
  • Discovering the MSP Sales Chasm and How To Avoid It
  • Recruiting Blue Chip Sales and CAM talent
  • Identifying the Only Sales Metrics that Matter – Discovery Meetings and Sales Velocity
  • Driving 8-10 Discovery Meetings Per Month
  • Creating A Wealth Of New Business Opportunities with "The Six Pillars Of Prospecting"
  • Applying the Difference Making Sales Process
  • Building Business Advisor Relationships With Your Clients
  • Implementing The Transformation Program

Listen to our webinar to learn how you can scale your business faster by transforming your MSP Sales Engine!

Webinar Presenters


Hannah O'Donnell
Director of Sales



Michael Cummings 100x100

Michael Cummings
Director of STP & Recruiting
Taylor Business Group