Score Your Managed Services Leads

Determine if your lead is a good fit for your managed services solution, OR if you should part ways.

What information do I need to collect to qualify?

MSPs working with Collabrance can download our Quick Qualifier tool to gather information on a lead. This tool provides questions to identify the quality of lead before investing too much time or resources, as well as help you with prioritizing your opportunities. Some of the information includes:

  • Basic Company & Contact Info: Confirm these to make sure you have a quick understanding of the customer's business and how you can connect with them.
    • Company
    • Decision Maker
    • Title
    • Phone Number
    • Email Address
    • Type of Business
    • Services Currently Provided
  • Primary Qualification Questions: Each question has three different pre-defined options for you to chose from for an answer. These responses are scored to help you determine if you have a green, yellow or red lead and determine any immediate red flags/objections upfront.
    • "How are IT issues handled today?"
    • "How many computer users are in your network?"
    • "Do you use Windows or Mac?"
    • "What are your hours of operation?"
    • "Would you be open to making a change, and if so, when?"

What does the lead score mean?

After completing all five qualifying questions, each response will automatically calculate a score for your lead. 

Score Color Priority Next Step(s)
< 5 Points  Green Lead 
Top Focus (Urgent) Provide information to your SME and move ahead with the first appointment!
 6-14 Points  Yellow Lead 
Nurture Additional questions are needed to get more information before moving forward.
> 15 Points  Red Lead 
Educate (Not Urgent) Provide customer further education and information on what's needed for your services.


What's next after scoring leads using the Quick Qualifier?

Provide the qualifications to your SME. Is the decision maker expecting a call from your SME? Once you know who your SME needs to connect with, identify a time and date for your SME to reach out to continue the conversation with the customer around next steps which includes the first appointment

First Appointment