First Appointment Talk Tracks and Process

Use the first appointment to show credibility, give insight on what we're looking to accomplish together, and take control of the conversation as a trusted technology provider. 

How do I start the conversation?

Set expectations that you've done this before, and inform customers of what you're trying to accomplish.
  • "Thanks for meeting with me today. In my experience, the best approach is to learn more about your environment to understand how we might meet your needs."
  • "Do you mind if I start by asking you some specifics about your IT environment and how you work with technology?"

What questions should I ask?

MSPs working with Collabrance can find more questions in our Business Implication Tool to help you better understand why the customer needs us, their decision making process, an effective solution and how you can show value and justify cost.
  • "How are IT issues handled today?"
  • "What is your current response/resolution time?"
  • "Are your IT expenses predictable or all over the map?"
  • "Is this a monthly or hourly fee?"
  • "What are your revenue goals for this year?"

What do I need to complete during the first appointment?

Before moving on to next steps, be sure to work with your customer on the following:

  • Get your Cybersecurity Assessment Form signed and leave a copy with the customer ("NDA" of what to expect during the assessment, and what you are doing with the tools you will implement into the customer's environment. This helps protect both parties if something were to happen during the assessment)
  • Gather server credentials to install the necessary tools to perform the assessment
  • Schedule full day onsite for assessment to discover business & technical needs
  • Set timeline expectations (i.e. Results will be shared 48 hours after the assessment, followed by a meeting within 1 week after results)
  • Disclose "Ball Park Number" to set expectations of what they could budget for assessment and/or monthly recurring fee. This will help you understand upfront the customer's budget, as well as show value behind your solution.

What's next after first appointment is complete?

Prep for Sales & Technical Assessment questions and contact Collabrance to ensure you're fully prepared to complete a thorough assessment!

Prepare Assessment