Assessment Process & Sales Tools

Perform a thorough assessment to discover the customer's need and "need behind their need," in efforts to provide a robust solution to c-level decision makers that helps them be more efficient.

How do I start the conversation?

How do I perform the Sales Assessment?

  • Meet with key users and decision makers to better understand the customers true needs and how they work with technology
  • Ask upfront qualification questions to help justify cost later in your proposal
    • Employee Doing IT Today: What happens when you are on vacation/sick? How much time are you spending on IT each week?

    • Technology Provider(s) Questions: How many providers do you manage? How much time are you spending on IT each week?

    • Lost Revenue & Cost of Downtime: How are you backing up your data today? Who is responsible?

  • MSPs working with Collabrance should complete the provided business implication questions to better understand ways we can help them be more efficient
  • Gather past 6+ months of invoices to better understand the customers billing and hard costs they are paying every month to address predictable vs. unpredictable cost spending elements

How do I perform the Technical Assessment if I'm working with Collabrance?

  • Request Discovery Reports from Collabrance dedicated Onboarding Team
  • Use the Collabrance Assessment Checklist for insight to information not gathered through the N-Central Probe
  • Install the N-Central Probe to gather critical information on the customer's infrastructure
  • Walk through customer location(s) to better understand what the current environment looks like

What do I do after the assessment is complete?

  • Schedule a proposal meeting invite to all attendees involved including decision makers

What's next after assessment is complete?

MSPs working with Collabrance should properly complete and review the provided Business Implications Questions, Assessment Checklist and Discovery Reports before scheduling a Pre-Proposal Meeting with our dedicated team!

Pre-Proposal Meeting