Social Media & Online Ad Marketing Opportunities for MSPs

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How are you using social media to stay connected with your existing customers and expanding your presence to your prospects?

Do you know where your customers and prospects are spending their time online? Social media usage has increased over the last few months as more people and businesses shift to a growing digital landscape. Listen to our presentation to learn how you can build your reputation, help retain customers, and generate new leads using free social media platforms.

During this webinar, we focus specifically on LinkedIn and Facebook to answer questions on:

  • Where to start on social media ("What information should you make available?")
  • Posting tips ("What do I say? What information do I share? How do I stand out?")
  • What and when to comment ("How do I seek reviews?")
  • How to grow your social network ("Who should I be following? How do I build my base of followers?")
  • Hashtags do's, don'ts and industry recommendations ("How can I expand my reach?")
In addition to the topics above, we also touch on how MSPs can expand your digital presence with online ads. To help save you time and efforts, we will share which online platforms we've seen yield the best conversion results, and budgeting estimates for different ads.

Watch our presentation to learn how you can craft your message to capture the attention of your audience and spread awareness using social media!